One nurse has turned her side gig into an online empire after seeing shocking success on Etsy. E.R. nurse and popular TikTok content creator Stephanee Beggs joined “Varney & Co.,” on Monday to discuss her “unintentional” success, explaining how she turned her 15 minutes of fame into a life-changing opportunity. 

“I fell right into it. It was very unintentional. I got started selling my notes when I graduated from nursing school. I was studying for the boards exam, what we call the N.C.L.E.X. for nursing. And it was right when the pandemic happened, so I had nobody to study with. I would teach myself to the wall and I would record it. And then I posted that onto social media and people loved it,” Beggs explained to substitute host Ashley Webster. “They asked to buy my study sheets. So then, I created a shop that eventually became viral. And yeah, and so now I sell study sheets. I passed the boards a long time ago, and now I sell them for students who are approaching the board’s exam and taking tests in nursing school,” Beggs explained. 

Beggs started selling her notes in June 2020 and surpassed $2 million in profits last year alone. Beggs sells her study sheets out of her online shop, RNExplained, at an affordable rate of $2 per sheet, class-specific sheets for $30 to $40, or a “giant bundle” covering a majority of nursing school subjects for $150.

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