Nurse Clinical Notepad - Reusable!


"Mini Clinical Notepad with Reference Cards - RN/LPN/LVN/NP/Nursing Student - Graduation Gift/Nursing School Gift

⭐️ Sturdy front and back cover with essential nursing reference information
⭐️ Reusable!! The front and back covers pull off to place on a new notepad!
⭐️ Lined paper for all your note-taking needs!
⭐️ Fits in most scrub pockets

As a nursing student, we were required to carry a notepad during clinical to jot down any questions or important information. I hated the big nursing clipboards (you know which one's I'm talking about), and always found myself carrying loose pieces of paper for note taking. This was hard to manage and messy. Introducing: The Mini Clinical Notepad!

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What's the difference between the Hard Copy and Digital Comprehensive Bundle?

The Digital Comprehensive Bundle and the Hard Copy Comprehensive Bundle are exactly the same in terms of content and study sheets! The only difference is one is digital and one is tangible.

What's the difference between the 1st and 2nd Edition Bundle?

Compared to our last Comprehensive Bundle, the 2024 Edition is completely renovated and revamped with updated nursing practice, teachings, and treatment protocols. Existing nursing topics feature a new & improved look with more in-depth, easy-to-understand breakdowns, with added mnemonics and quiz questions. Sixty new study sheets have been added as well! Essentially, the entire Comprehensive Bundle is never-before-seen! 

If I have the 1st Edition, can I purchase only the new study sheets?

As of right now, we do not have the option of purchasing just the new study sheets only. Why? Because nearly every sheet is different than what you currently have!

Are all of the individual bundles included in the Comprehensive Bundle?

Yes! The Comprehensive Bundle (digital and/or hard copy) includes every single sheet available on my shop! The only product not included is the NCLEX Calendar.

Do I get access to the Digital Bundle immediately after purchase?

Yes! You will receive an automatic download link in your confirmation purchase email. Make sure you are downloading to your computer or desktop. This will save your product into your personal files!